Research and Development 

Research and development projects, sponsored and funded by business families or their foundations, are intended to increase knowledge in the field of family business, and to transform knowledge into models that are easy to applied and customized to the environment of business families.

R&D find answers to important questions and concerns, fill gaps in knowledge, and change the way of one’s approach towards diagnosing the problem. R&D in family business is important to understand the phenomenon of family business with an insight on challenges faced and how they overcome the challenges from a social and economic standpoint. 


R&D aims to be the ideal opportunity to assess the conceptual development, practical implications, and future directions of the family business field in a broader sense. R&D could cover relevance of family firms across the globe, their unique strengths and weaknesses, their governance, strategic management, the succession process, drivers of long-term success and interpersonal dynamics. AWUAEL proposes topics and undertakes projects of R&D sponsored by business families or their philanthropic organizations. AWUAEL also proposes topics and undertakes projects of R&D that are of interest to business families. 


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