Awuael, driven by an overwhelming passion and an unwavering belief in the significance of the influence of business families on the community and global economy, is in search of seeking new approaches to be a key global player in family business. Awuael offers a variety of customized and unparalleled services dedicated to business families to transform to enterprising families for business family continuity across generations for social and economic prosperity. Awuael’s platform describes a business model offering business families the convenience of having their multiple needs met through one trusted source, and it has the distinction of developing and offering a single unified platform of customized services that conform to high quality standards with profound professionalism. Awuael’s business strategy with specific reference to the operation of its unified platform is based on the following three success factors:

  • Global Presence

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Professionalism

Global Presence

Awuael is an emerging enterprise with an ambitious development plan to expand its horizons in an ever-challenging global business environment and with a strong sense of dedication and commitment to its growth and success. The world is changing, and with this change comes opportunity for Awuael in the emerging global markets. In this knowledge driven economy and era of globalization, Awuael is strategically well positioned and inspired toprovide integrated and value added services   to business families without any territorial boundaries.

Our wide network of international professionals specialized in family business furthermore enhances Awuael’s capabilities in terms of global reach to cater to business families.  Business families are our passion and our team will be delighted to be of service to you.  Contact us at for starting our journey of enduring and trustworthy relationship.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are key to business success and have become an implicit part of business growth. Awuael recognizes the joint opportunities of mutual interest and benefit that can result out of trustworthy partnerships through investors, suppliers and collaborators.  Awuael is looking for investors that are the right fit for its business and the investors are looking for essentially the same thing in return, which means the businesses that are the right fit for their investment portfolio. 

While the partnership with suppliers contribute substantially to the development and delivery of customized services to our customers, collaborations involve cooperation of mutual interest for social impact.

We consider ourselves as the pioneer in the business idea of developing a unified platform of customized services that focus on nurturing cohesive and competent business family members as well as enhancing the performance of all domains of family business.  We are in a continuous pursuit of building strategic partnerships with regional and global investors, suppliers and collaborators to explore the emerging family business market having great business opportunities of serving the business families across the globe. Therefore, together with strategic partnerships we can make a significant impact on business families, one of the main building blocks of the societies for social and economic development.  Contact us at for starting our journey of strategic partnership.


Awuael is managed by a professional management team with years of corporate management experience, which comprises of senior members specialized in strategic management, financial management, business operations, marketing, human resource management, quality and compliance. Awuael’s professionalism strategy is based on the following three key elements:

  • Organizational Structure

  • Human Resources

  • Operational Excellence

Organizational Structure


The conglomeration of our Enterprises: Awuael Holding and its seven Subsidiaries, as represented below, established in pursuit of achieving Awuael’s vision to be the inspiring and trusted platform for enterprising families across the globe. 

Awuael Holding is the principal company that comprises of the following subsidiaries:


Awuael Integrated primarily focuses on building business partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances for business development and operational excellence, developing business processes and integrated management systems of all the Subsidiaries.


Awuael Office focuses on building cohesive and competent family members in business families. The programs offered by Awuael Office are for maintaining family culture, harmony and relationship, reinforcing family entrepreneurial spirit, developing effective family leaders and owners, developing family mindset of wealth preservation, and reinforcing family meaning and social impact.


Awuael Consultancy focuses on providing family and business consultation services that include and not limited to governance, strategy, succession, and family branding. Awuael Consultancy also undertakes projects and delivers programs in Research and Development, Education, Entrepreneurship, Operational Excellence, and Forums.


Awuael Sport offers customized services to business families to meet their needs of thoroughly enjoying at leisure both traditional sports, such as horse racing and falcon racing; and non-traditional sports, such as water sports and skydiving. Through these services, Awuael Sport focuses on developing friendliness and team spirit among business family members, mental and physical fitness, and excelling in sports.


Awuael Store focuses on developing and managing user friendly mobile Applications for business family members for business family continuity and prosperity.


Awuael Publishing House focuses on documenting the history, legacy, prominent personalities, success journey, experience and significant contributions of business families through pages of a book or screening of a film and case studies for the benefit of family and future generations.  Our media network "Awuael Pulse" ( is a unified and inspiring interactive electronic media platform that contributes to the overall management of family, entrepreneurship, business, wealth and giving.  It also helps business families to stay abreast of the latest news, developments and knowledge within the spectrum of family businesses.


Josour Alataa provides specialized consultation services in WAQF, Family Funds and CSR to business families.  

Our aspiration to be a featured employer for a diverse talented workforce, as we believe that an efficient human resource management is a key to the wellbeing of the employees and the organization in order to align the aspirations of the employees and us. We also believe that fully integrated business processes, clear responsibilities, accountabilities, and an equitable measure of performance and rewards are essential for retaining motivated human resources. Our company policies demonstrate a clear understanding of the above, and we maintain an organizational culture that nurtures a safe and healthy working environment.


We are always in the pursuit of attracting talented workforce to ensure that we have the right talents in our talent pool to execute business strategies for today and future, and we strive towards developing, retaining and rewarding them. Our core values evolved around creativity and quality with the motive of greater significance on society for social and economic development are embedded in our corporate culture.


Operational Excellence

In this era of a dynamic fast changing global market, one of the key factors for success of an organization lies in the continual improvement of its processes and leveraging its effectiveness for operational excellence. Operational Excellence refers to applying best practices in managing the organization and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental principles. 

Through an integrated operational excellence model based assessment and process improvement services, we prepare ourselves to achieve our objectives in operational excellence.

Our team of professionals with years of experience in quality management is all set to design and deliver concise solutions that can address the gap that exist between our current and desired state of existence through assessment and development of the quality management system, periodic reassessment, and application of process improvement techniques.


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