Our Journey of Success 

We, at Awuael Holding Company, have the passion for family business. We believe that the wellbeing of communities built primarily on their families and not on individuals. A family is the smallest institution in a society that retains the acquired knowledge and experience for an extensive period through generations. The accumulation of knowledge and experience is the basis of development that leads to well-being. Unlike an individual who, however, has limited knowledge, experience and longevity, and therefore cannot by itself be a store for accumulation. 

Our passion for family business in Awuael Holding Company is not the birth of the moment, but it is the accumulation of a journey of 7 generations in family business and the acquired knowledge. During this journey, we faced many challenges and opportunities, passing through moments of fortunes and misfortunes filled with happiness and sorrow. However, our passion in family business has been unwavering, sustained through the generations, and developed according to the circumstances that we lived and live in. We started our business journey around 200 years ago with the establishment of Grandfather Ahmed bin Rashid Alwahaibi for "Al-Wahaba Trading Company” in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula around 1240 AH (1825G). 

 “Al-Wahaba Trading Company” was one of the oldest family businesses in the Arabian Peninsula. Whilst the commercial activities of the Grandfather’s Trading Company were suspended due to changing time at the beginning of the family’s fourth generation, the entrepreneurial spirit, giving, and passion in family business continued to grow in the founder's family. We, at Awuael, believe that the continuity of the family business should not be limited to the institutionalization of the company but primarily based on creating an enterprising family able to institutionalize its businesses that suit the era. Our passion for family business stems from this knowledge philosophy.  The establishment of The Arabian Center of Family Businesses in 2013 and thereafter Awuael Holding Company in 2017 are synonymous that reinforce our ideology. 

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