Helping business families to effectively create and manage their AWQAF, foundations, and social responsibility of their companies.

Giving services are revolving around helping business families to create and manage their own philanthropy programs for their families and society. Giving has become one of the important pillars in family businesses, because it creates strong bonds among the members of a business family, and between the business family and its society.


Awuael offers its services to business families who believe in the virtues of giving and have the desire to start or effectively manage its own CSR, WAQF, and foundation. Our expertise in giving services and management, at Awuael, helps business families to establish family and Society WAQF, and all welfare programs such as health, social, and accommodation programs that serve the needs of family members and society members, which will be done through family funds and foundations. That includes and not limited to establishment, governance, strategic planning, organizational development (OD), human resources management (HRM), and operational excellence.  


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