Dedicated to inspire and hear valuable insights and perspectives on key issues related to family business, such as: family culture, entrepreneurship, succession, wealth management, and family giving.

Forums are meetings held to discuss a specific topic in an offsite environment with like-minded people. It offers business families the opportunity to connect, share experience and learn together about most important aspects of the family businesses, key issues and concerns, current and changing trends, key challenges, way forward, etc.


Forums will be inspiring to have such series of engagements with energy and interest, and to hear many valuable insights into key family business related issues, such as next generation engagement, governance, entrepreneurship, succession planning, family values, and non-family management.


The members of business families benefit from active participation in such forums, where we bring in renowned speakers from the industry and secure participation of the governing agencies and authorities concerned to address issues and concerns of family business from a socio-economic perspective.


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