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Family Consultation

Dedicated for business families who encounter challenges that hinder their progression, or those wants to develop and realize achievements.

Family consultation is about providing advices to family members in aspects that concern them as a business family. Many business families encounter family challenges that face their progression, which mandates specialized family consultants to help in overcoming such challenges. Moreover, family consultation provides business families with advices that are up to date, customized, neutral, given from an outside angle, and cost effective. 


At Awuael, we offer our family consultation for those who currently engaged in family business and for those whose next generation is ready to venture into business. Our consultants are expert in the issues concern business families and use systematic approach in identifying problems and recommending corrective solutions. Some examples of the consultation service that we are specialized in are:  Family Special Consultation, Family Governance, Family Strategy, Family Succession Planning, Family Conflict Resolution, and Family Branding.