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Helping business family members create new businesses through Awuael Incubator Program, which provides the appropriate environment for the success of family business entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Services are revolving around helping in creatively starting new businesses. Entrepreneurship is soaring to new heights these days as the result of (1) changes in business environments that are deep and fast, and (2) business models approach the end of its business life cycle. Consequently, family business needs to reinvent itself as its business continuity is at risk.


Our services in entrepreneurship are for business families (1) who realize that regenerating their businesses is necessary in the current circumstances, and (2) whose next generations want to start new businesses. Awuael offers family entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs the support they need to be in the right direction. Awuael provides monitoring programs that include evaluating business ideas, conducting feasibility study, creating a business plan, developing marketing plan, designing organizational systems, setting KPIs, and sharing experience. Awuael is also offering a business incubator for family entrepreneurs through our qualified partners or through Awuael facilities, which are fully prepared to provide the appropriate environment for the success of family entrepreneurs.