Enterprising Family

In today’s highly volatile economic environment and competitive market condition, business families are confronted with the challenge of Family Business Continuity across generations.  According to global family business research statistic, 30% of family businesses survive through the second generation, 13% survive the third generation and only a meagre 3% survive beyond that.  This clearly indicates that business family continuity remains as the key challenge for social and economic prosperity. 


Awuael believes that transformation from a Business Family to a Sustainable Enterprising Family is fundamentally the right approach to address this key challenge.  Awuael’s deliberation is that an enterprising family could be nurtured and developed through the alignment of 5E:  Family Enterprise, Entrepreneurship Enterprise, Business Enterprise, Wealth Enterprise and Giving Enterprise. 


After research and developmental activities including constant interactions with business families, authorities and professionals concerned, we have developed Core and Complementary Services focus on the five enterprises that help in successfully transforming a business family to a sustainable enterprising family. Our team at Awuael is well equipped with sound knowledge acquired in the field of family business over ten years, valuable inputs from research and studies conducted, experience gained, and a wide network of regional and international professionals specialized in this field.  This enhances our capabilities to successfully transform a business family to a sustainable enterprising family.


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