Academic programs dedicated to the development of family members and the dissemination of knowledge in family business provided by specialized educational institutions.

The principal objective of Education in the context of family business is to help business family members acquire knowledge through academic programs for personal development, which in turn, enhance their contributions to meet the needs and fulfill the dreams of family, business and society. The more knowledge they gain the more opportunities will open up to allow them to achieve better possibilities in personal growth and family business sustainability. It also helps them to be responsible and prepared to face the challenges within the society and industry they belong.

Our Education service offers guidance and help to business family members to pursue formal academic programs, such as Executive Education and Master’s in Family Business through reputed international institutions specialized in family business.  These academic programs offer business family members the opportunity to learn and enhance their knowledge and competencies to apply creative solutions for facing any specific challenge. Through such academic programs, the members of business family will also gain new insights into best strategies and governance to sustain family, grow business and preserve wealth.

Given the key role business families are playing in the economy of most nations, it is our endeavor to excel business family members in family business-centric education to ensure their business continuity and growth.


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