Family Documentation

Dedicated to highlighting the history and legacy of business families, documenting their journey of success and experience, their constructive contributions to industries and societies, presenting the challenges they face, their leadership roles, and the lessons learned from their experience.

Documentation about business families is about featuring their history, legacy, prominent personalities, success journey, experience and significant contributions to the respective industries and societies. It brings out case studies on the challenges faced by business families, conflict resolutions, lessons learned, leadership roles, and milestone achievements.


Practice-inspired and research-based books that cover both practices and theories along with scientific concepts in business family governance, strategic management, succession process, drivers of long-term success and interpersonal dynamics, significantly help new generations for aligning the family and business for sustainable business growth.


Documentation focuses on business families having a repository of information gathered through generations and/or business experience to publish those through the pages of a book screening of films, and case studies for the benefit of the family and future generations. Documentation on business family makes it ideal for nourishing entrepreneurship and leadership within the business family and its future generations.  


Documentation service is offered to business families in collaboration with renowned multi-lingual authors and editors with the right credentials, proven track record of success, and admirers.

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