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CEO's Message

As CEO and the co-founder of Awuael Holding Company, I reaffirm our aim at achieving our vision to be the inspiring and trusted platform for enterprising families globally.


All success stories start with a vision and our passion is what drives us towards achieving our vision. It is of paramount importance for us to possess a depth of competence in a range of services that spans the spectrum of family businesses where our dedication and commitment are key to delivering tangible true results to our clients.


At Awuael, enterprising families are our inspirations; therefore, acting responsibly is an intrinsic part of what we do, to be distinguished and successful.

We work collaboratively with our local and global business partners to deliver the best possible value for our clients and in doing so we build a longstanding healthy relationship with our business partners and clients.


We are firmly committed to providing services customized to our clients' needs that lead to success — we believe that our success will naturally follow.

Engr. Anas A. Alwehebi