Providing solutions to the problems of family businesses that help in developing, improving performance, managing competition, and meeting customer needs.

Business Services are revolving around providing advices to business managers and employees in aspects that concern their business. Managing family businesses in effective and efficient manners may require an external intervention to solve problems challenging their progression as well as to improve business process and performance, manage tough competition, and satisfy customer needs.


Our services in Business Enterprise are for family businesses that looking for up to date and customized business consultations. Our consultants are expert in the issues concern families businesses and use systematic approach in identifying problems and recommending corrective solutions. Some examples of the consultation service that we are specialized in are: Business Special Consultation, Excellence to Business (E2B), Business Governance, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development (OD), Human Resources Management (HRM), Executive Talent Search, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Corporate Identity and Branding, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Transition to Joint Stock Company.


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