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AWUAEL Office 

Focus on the development of business family’s members to maintain the continuity of their family enterprises, heritage, traditions, and values across generations.

Awuael Office represents a Family Office managed by Awuael dedicated to develop cohesive and competent business family members. The most important asset of a sustainable business family is its family members. At times, it becomes very difficult for business families to afford to lose competent family members as opposed to losing other resources. The importance of cohesive and competent family members is in their capabilities to retain existing family resources and create new valuable resources that form the essence of a business family continuity across generation.


Awuael Office is for business families who aspire to preserve their names across times, pursue an enduring mission of family legacy, tradition and values; and maintain social and economic sustainability for their future generations. Awuael offers a variety of customized services for establishing and managing a family office that focuses on building cohesive and competent business family members. The programs under the umbrella of Awuael Office include Diwanyah, courses, workshops, international speakers, personal coaching, travel and recreation, wellness, special family events, exclusive gifts for occasions, personal accounting, VIP services, parenting and marriage relationship counseling, K-12 academic advising, and many more.  All these are specially designed and customized programs to help business family members to maintain family culture, harmony and relationship; reinforce family entrepreneurial spirit; develop effective family leaders and owners; develop family mindset of wealth preservation; and reinforce family meaning and social impact.


The Awuael Office team consists of experts and staff who are specialized in meeting the requirements of business family members. They are available to communicate with you online as well as offline. Awuael’s methodology starts from assessing the family status to proposing tailored developmental programs for the family and its members, and from executing those programs to conducting periodic evaluation of their accomplishments.