Awuael Holding is an emerging global company founded by a business family with seven generations of passion in family business.  Our brand “Awuael” is an Arabic term for “Families” as family business is our specialty and passion and everything we do at Awuael revolves around the Family.  We believe that families are the building blocks of societies and for many, family ties are deeper and enduring.  We stand for business family continuity across generations by transforming a business family to a sustainable enterprising family, nurtured and developed through the alignment of 5E that are Family Enterprise, Entrepreneurship Enterprise, Business Enterprise, Wealth Enterprise and Giving Enterprise.


Awuael is a conglomeration of the principal company, Awuael Holding and its seven Subsidiaries: Awuael Integrated, Awuael Office, Awuael Consultation, Jasour Alatta, Awuael Publishing, Awuael Store and Awuael Sport, established to complement and strengthen its single unified platform of customized and unparalleled services for business families, conforming to high quality standards with profound professionalism. Awuael’s leadership coupled with remarkable knowledge and experience in the field of family business, valuable inputs from research and studies, and a wide network of regional and international professionals specialized in family business enhances Awuael’s capabilities to serve business families to achieve their objective of continuity across generations.


Awuael with the Headquarter in Dammam, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, continues its untiring family business journey with an ambitious development plan to make its global presence felt in the coming years in an ever-challenging global business environment for growth and success.

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