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Visitors Acknowledge Awuael’s Ideas and Initiatives as New and Unconventional and "Awuael" as a Pioneer in This Area

Visitors of The Forum and Exhibition of Young Businessmen and Women of The Eastern Region 2017 expressed that the exhibition has succeeded by achieving its objectives in providing up-to date models in the start-up business sector.

They confirmed that the exhibition presented successful examples of businesses and companies owned or run by young entrepreneurs and helped them to introduce themselves by the services they offer.

They also highlighted the participation of Awuael in the exhibition to introduce its services, and role in fulfilling the needs of family businesses.

The visitors complimented the wide range of services provided by "Awuael" to family businesses, including research and studies, authoring and publishing, training and development and others.

"Creating Knowledge"​​​​​​​​​

Fayez Al-Shihri

It is a good idea and it gets a lot more attention. When I heard about the exhibition, I expected it to be about productive families, but I found some institutions and companies owned or run by young businessmen and women in the region that introduce their offerings, products and services to the visitors. I liked the idea of Awuael creating, disseminating and applying knowledge of family business.


"Development and Training"​​​​​​​​​
















Abdullah Al-Mohsen

The exhibition is good and it encourages and supports young people to introduce their ideas and experiences. The idea of Awuael is new and unconventional. I stopped by Awuael’s booth to know about the services and how it help business families to prosper and grow, like conferences and forums, training and development, entrepreneurship, event management, and others.


"A Good Idea"


Murtada Al-Nasir

In general, it is a good idea, and there is a variety of companies. The exhibition helps young businessmen and women to introduce their services. The idea of Awuael is excellent and it supports family businesses, and its participation in this exhibition is a fine opportunity to introduce its services and share its knowledge in this important event.


"Awuael Company"


Mohammed Al-Marzouq

The idea of the exhibition is excellent. It encourages young men and women to introduce their ideas, take the lead, present their business professionally and help young men and women to move from looking for jobs provided by others. I wish the exhibition will develop in the coming years and give the entrepreneurs the opportunity to brand their products and services. I visited Awuael booth, and I liked the idea because of its uniqueness. I heard that Awuael has a long family business journey and its importance stems from the importance of family’s role in family businesse, which fulfill their needs through professional management, and I have already seen a similar company in Milan in the same field.


"Great Efforts"​​


Mohammed Al-Mutlaq

The exhibition is excellent in all aspects and I appreciate the efforts of Asharqiah Chamber in presenting institutions owned or run by young businessmen and women. I visited Awuael booth and I was impressed with its specialty in fulfilling the needs of business families and helping them develop their ideas. I will learn more about the role of the company through the brochure and flyers.


"Integrated Services"


Khaled Al-Sayah

The exhibition is well organized and diversified. The idea of Awuael is excellent and the services provided are integrated. I have not heard of companies specialized in this area before. It helps the family businesses to play their role in economic development.


"Companies’ Needs"


Abdullah Al-Saleh

The exhibition is great. It presents the entrepreneurs business and the efforts of young businessmen and women companies and institutions. I toured the exhibition and listened to a brief about Awuael. I saw that it fulfills the needs of family businesses and helps them in overcoming the challenges faced.


"The Diversity of Companies"


Omer Balhamer

I hope that the turnout in the exhibition will increase in the coming days, and the diversity of companies enriches the exhibition and helps it to achieve its objectives. I liked the exhibition's interest in e-commerce, and this is the first time I have come across a company that specializes in fulfilling the needs of family businesses and helping them grow for generations.


"The First time"


Abdullah Al-Amir

The exhibition and the booth arrangements are great. I am impressed with the design of Awuael logo. This is the first time I heard about a company that is specialized in the field of family business, and I am also quite impressed with the enthusiasm showed by Awuael team in briefing about Awuael and its services.


"A New Experience"


Abdulmajeed Al-Qahtani

The exhibition is very impressive. I visited the booths and I liked the platform of services offered to family businesses by Awuael, especially research and studies, and authoring and publishing to feature history, legacy and experience of business families.




Salman Al-Anazi

I visited the exhibition last year and the exhibitors this year are more diverse. I visited Awuael’s booth and I learned about the role of the company in the field of family business.


"Diversity of services"


Saleh Al-Thunayyan - Partner

The exhibition is excellent that exceeded our expectations. Awuael offers integrated, innovative, and non-traditional services. The services are unified under the umbrella of Awuael and I am responsible for Giving services offered by Awuael. Our role is to help and manage all the aspects related to Waqf to fulfill the needs of the owner of waqf and his ambition in its sustenance.


"Platform of Services"

Mohammed Al-Mutairi

The exhibition is good and keeps abreast of the development of the start-up projects sector. I visited the booths of the exhibition, and saw many successful entrepreneurs. I stopped by Awuael’s booth, and learned about the services offered to family businesses such as research and studies, training and development, entrepreneurship, Consulting and others.


"Family Businesses"

Basheer Al-Abbadi - Head of Family Businesses Section, Asharqia Chamber

The exhibition is excellent as a result of the Chamber's efforts, which paid a greater attention to young businessmen and women, and opportunity to introduce their ideas and initiatives to the visitors and the community.

I visited the exhibition booths and I am impressed by the diversity of the exhibitors. Awuael is interested in family businesses in many aspects, and it helps them in strategic planning and development to prosper through generations.