A Distinguished Participation of 300 Exhibitors From 55 Countries

A High Turnout on Awuael Holding Booth at Riyadh Travel Fair

Awuael's booth at Riyadh Travel Fair, which was held from 10 to 13 April 2018 at Prince Sultan Hall at Al-Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh, received a high turnout from visitors of different nationalities.

The Visitors of the exhibition, which was attended by 300 exhibitors from 55 countries, praised the presence of Awuael Holding for the valuable family business services. They learned about the company's formation, growth, vision, and its positive impact in the field of family business.

Visitors of the exhibition were also impressed with the service model and its role in managing the business family's needs: managing their social and official events and enhancing family relationships in an appropriate environment. Business families can also have the best recreational and relaxational options to remain in their memories. Awuael also designs wellness programs that focus on medical treatment and the use of health services around the world to promote health and wellbeing of family members through physical, psychological and inspirational activities, and provide personalized services that help business families obtain personalized advice for owning exclusive items from anywhere in the world such as prominent brands and designers in the world of fashion and jewelry upon request and occasion without any limits.

Awuael Holding aimed from its participation in the exhibition to showcase its services to business families, and to focus on reviewing its services in entertainment and tourism aspect, in cooperation with international organizations, and providing them with tailor-made services.

The visitors noted that Awuael is one of the most prominent exhibitors in the field of family business and that it has succeeded in introducing itself and offer its experience to visitors and show their role in fulfilling the needs of family businesses.

It is worth noting that the exhibition aims to focus on this sector to enhance tourism and increase its effectiveness by reviewing the services of the participating parties with the representatives of the promotion bodies of tourism and hospitality and airlines as well as tour operators under one roof for four consecutive days.

Eng. Anas Al Wahaibi, the CEO of Awuael Holding, said: "Our diverse services for family businesses have attracted the interest of the visitors, especially Awuael Office service”.

He added: "Because we understand that the growth of family businesses and the accession of more than one generation of family to it often develop the personal and family needs to become more urgent and time-limited, then the requirements of family business management and fulfilling the needs of family members become complex and cumbersome, and here comes the role of Awuael Office to help business family to fulfill these needs as an executive arm, taking into account the main objective of Awuael Office is to build relationships among family members and through generations. Awuael Office helps the business family to eliminate the complexities of daily professional life through a method that focuses on meeting the unique needs of the business family. Awuael Office also helps to achieve the goals and aspirations of the family and its officials with all reassurance.

He added that the service is designed to suit the needs of business families to help them achieve their aspirations regardless of what these needs may be and which may develop over generations. In addition to seeking to provide peace of mind to the client and provide exceptional services through a professional team that is responsible for their unique needs and is dedicated to the search for the best interest of the family business in making the right decision for them.

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